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Best Portfolio Tracker Apps For Singapore Stocks (FREE)

When you begin to invest, you can be sure to want to keep looking at your portfolio. After all, you are putting in your own money in and would definitely feel the pain if your portfolio value drops. Particularly for investors in the Singapore market, there are only a limited number of apps available out there to track your portfolio. I found it so hard to google for a suitable app to track my Singapore portfolio. Hence, I have decided to personally download all the available portfolio apps out there and try them on myself, as well as reviewing them to select the best app for my own use. I have shortlisted a few good ones for all the Singapore investors out there who are searching for free apps to track their portfolio.


Here are some of the best portfolio tracker apps for the Singapore market:

1) Stocks Tracker (8/10)


– One screen view
– Serves its functions
– Able to see holdings in chart form
– Unlimited holdings creation free version
– Stock alert system
– Detailed recording including commission cost

– Slightly cluttered
– Ads
– Not a direct way of adding transaction (need to click on action menu)
– No dividends recording

Download Stocks Tracker for iOS | Download Stocks Tracker for Android

2)Ticker (7/10)

– Clean and neat interface
– one screen view of holdings and each holding details
– Able to add alert notification
– Able to add multiple portfolios

– can only add 50 transactions with free
– monthly subscription costs after free trial
– Need to record dividends manually

Download Ticker for iOS | Download Ticker for Android


3) Stock Master (9 / 10)

– One screen view of holdings
– Able to toggle dividends calculation automatically
– Able to export portfolio to excel or PDF format
– Able to add alert notification

– can only add 50 transactions with free
– monthly subscription costs after free trial
– Need to record dividends manually

Download Stocks Master for iOS | Download Stocks Master for Android


4) (7 / 10)

– Able to have one screen view of portfolio value
– Able to record commissions and details
– Can have multiple portfolios

– unable to record dividends
– pop up ad upon opening app

Download for iOS | Download for Android


5) Stock Alert (9 / 10)

– One screen view of portfolio
– Able to record dividends / interests
– Caters for a lot of various investment instruments like bonds, stocks or ETFs

– Outdated interface
– Need to change coins to get “capital” to record the holdings, cannot record more than $300K worth of holdings
– Ads
– Unable to export portfolio
– Only has IOS app

Download Stock Alert for iOS


The ideal portfolio tracker I have in mind, is of course having the following features:

– One screen view of holdings
– Automated dividends recording
– Automated commissions calculation (optional)
– At least 2 portfolios available
– Alert notifications about my holdings (earnings, news, price movements, technical changes)
– Able to export portfolio to excel
– Different markets available

Do you have any other portfolio tracker apps that you find extremely interesting and useful? Bug me at today! Don’t worry, I promise I won’t bite.

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FP • September 23, 2017

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