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Mistakes To Avoid As REITs Investors

5 Mistakes That First Time REITs Investors Make

Some investors are extremely excited to dive into a high-income investment when they hear about one, while some are more passive to invest in the various instruments. Before we get too excited about REITs, let’s look at some of the most common mistakes that first time REIT investors will make.   1) Going for high…

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cfd trading

Trading With CFDs

What is a contract for difference (CFD)? A CFD is a type of derivative trading, meaning you do not actually own the financial asset but you own a contract that tracks the price movement of the real asset. By trading with CFD, it enables you to speculate on the rapid price movement of the global…

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iPhone X Investment Lesson

A Investment Lesson Learnt With iPhones And Stop Losses

Greed. It was all about greed. This is a post about how iPhones taught me the importance of research and setting your stop losses before you invest. I did not do prior market research not did I even prepare for the losses I was going to make. iPhone X, the most “anticipated” phone of the…

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Penny Stocks

Diving Into The OTC Market Of Penny Stocks

What are penny stocks? Penny stocks are stocks which trades at a low price and have small market capitalization. Also commonly known as OTC stocks,¬†they are traded over the counter and not listed on the major stock exchanges. Instead, they are listed on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). Penny stocks are listed on…

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Financial Planning 101 For Beginners

What is Financial Planning? It is about taking control and managing your finances for a healthy cash flow. Financial planning is unique to every individual as each of us has different priorities. Some of us might be driven to become one of the wealthiest, there are also some who focus on goals that will make…

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Step By Step To Set Up Your Central Depository (CDP) Account

What is a Central Depository (CDP) Account? The CDP is a subsidiary of the Singapore Stock Exchange, an organization which settles all the transactions in the securities market. Besides facilitating payments, the corporation also offers depository services in the fixed income assets (e.g. bonds) and shares market. Although it primarily caters for stocks listed on…

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How do I start investing?

I have written articles to cover basic investment topics and to my best attempt to help more beginners to get their feet wet in investing. However, I still get questions about the articles being slightly too complex and abstract to understand. Therefore, to simplify matters, I will be explaining how to go about in starting…

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Best Portfolio Tracker Apps For Singapore Stocks (FREE)

When you begin to invest, you can be sure to want to keep looking at your portfolio. After all, you are putting in your own money in and would definitely feel the pain if your portfolio value drops. Particularly for investors in the Singapore market, there are only a limited number of apps available out…

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Passive Income From Industrial REITs

There are so many Singapore REITS on the SGX and it is a popular investment as it could provide investors with the regular passive income they want through attractive dividend yields. With over 30 REITs to choose from on the SGX, one of my favorite types of REITS is industrial REITs.   What are industrial…

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The Line Between Trading VS Investing

Both trading and investing are relatively different ways of making your profit from the financial market. I have heard a huge number of people using the word interchangeably, including university graduates with finance background. Hence, I have decided to explored the specific differences in these terms. So what’s the difference between trading and investing? 1)…

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