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The Financial Thoughts

Have you ever had the time whereby you revisit your expenses over and over again to squeeze a little more savings that month? Or reading through tons and tons of financial websites trying to figure out how to get a little more money? Thousands of thoughts about your financial status sweep across your mind every day and your focus is how to get rich. 

At the current day and age, savings alone will NOT be sufficient to counter inflation. Welcome to the generation of smart financial planning with investing and budgeting. Before we delve into the world of investing, we have to get our mindset right. To grow rich, we need to first think rich.

The Financial Thoughts blog will be focusing on sharing what I have learnt along the way, how to get started in investments, financial planning and increasing wealth.


Getting Financial Freedom

Don’t you feel pain simply by not having financial freedom? How many times do you feel that you were not born to have people venting their anger at you? How many times did you wish you could have more time with your retired parents and not be bound by your long working hours? How many times did you wish you could avoid the shopping crowd by visiting the malls on weekdays? How many times did you wish you could just get your camera and roam around the city with no goal in mind for just a day? How many times did you wish you could stop taking in bullshit from people and just focus on more positive things in life?

That’s the ideal life but unfortunately not without a price. Start a life that most people won’t so that you can live a life that most people can’t. Embracing this quote, I constantly remind myself to get out of my comfort zone, explore new things and do things differently.

The Investment Journey

As much as I would like to emphasize, this journey to learn about investment will not be an easy one. It is not without blood, sweat and tears. By staying in your comfort zone will NOT get you anywhere. Join me for an exciting adventure to our goal – financial freedom.