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Trading Skills

Choosing Trading For A Living

More often than not, I hear and read about the woes of being a millennial, that we don’t know what we want in life, we just want to travel and live a free-spirited life. That explains the rise in the number of part timers and freelancer jobs. There has also been a rise in trend…

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Purchasing Insurance For Critical Illness Coverage

While the whole life insurance or term life insurance cover you for death and permanent disability, you would need to get the critical illness add ons in order to protect yourself from terminal illnesses as well. Do take note that CI policies are different from hospitalization policies, which cover your medical bills. In the event…

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insurance to get

Which insurance do you actually need to buy?

There are various types of insurance that one should purchase, especially for those who have just entered the workforce. With some earning power, you should be able to get a comprehensive coverage of insurance. Having a myriad of insurance policies, agents and companies out there, it could get pretty overwhelming as to what to buy…

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Mistakes To Avoid As REITs Investors

5 Mistakes That First Time REITs Investors Make

Some investors are extremely excited to dive into a high-income investment when they hear about one, while some are more passive to invest in the various instruments. Before we get too excited about REITs, let’s look at some of the most common mistakes that first time REIT investors will make.   1) Going for high…

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cfd trading

Trading With CFDs

What is a contract for difference (CFD)? A CFD is a type of derivative trading, meaning you do not actually own the financial asset but you own a contract that tracks the price movement of the real asset. By trading with CFD, it enables you to speculate on the rapid price movement of the global…

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iPhone X Investment Lesson

A Investment Lesson Learnt With iPhones And Stop Losses

Greed. It was all about greed. This is a post about how iPhones taught me the importance of research and setting your stop losses before you invest. I did not do prior market research not did I even prepare for the losses I was going to make. iPhone X, the most “anticipated” phone of the…

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Penny Stocks

Diving Into The OTC Market Of Penny Stocks

What are penny stocks? Penny stocks are stocks which trades at a low price and have small market capitalization. Also commonly known as OTC stocks, they are traded over the counter and not listed on the major stock exchanges. Instead, they are listed on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). Penny stocks are listed on…

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Save time or money

Time VS Money: Which to save?

Alright, this is a hot issue that many young working adults face. Be it buying a cheaper air ticket on a weekday or buying a car, you name it I’ve heard it. Discussions around a money topic are always endless and it’s time to address them. I have always, at least majority of the time,…

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Expense Tracker App

Top 5 Free Expense Tracker Apps That Are User Friendly

With a huge number of fancy expense tracker app out there in the market, it is really hard to choose one that is highly functional and has the full features free of charge. Hence, I have shortlisted the top 5 expense tracker apps from the hundred that I have tested. Particularly for people who would…

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Financial Planning 101 For Beginners

What is Financial Planning? It is about taking control and managing your finances for a healthy cash flow. Financial planning is unique to every individual as each of us has different priorities. Some of us might be driven to become one of the wealthiest, there are also some who focus on goals that will make…

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